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For Teachers and Parents

The Earth Squad is a quirky team of Sustainability Superheroes created for the purpose of teaching our kids how to best care for the environment. Here you will find activities and other educational resources that are sure to teach and entertain your kids.

This is an ever evolving project so be sure to check in often for new stories, activities and

Meet our Sustainability Superheroes


Superpower: Controls energy
Mission: To help conserve energy and find alternative, renewable sources of energy


Superpower: Talks to Animals
Mission: To protect all living creatures on planet earth


Superpower: Controls the ocean and all other bodies of water on planet earth
Mission: To protect planet earth’s water resources


Superpower: Manages waste
Mission: To protect planet earth from mass waste pollution


Superpower: Controls the surface of planet earth
Mission: To protect earth from landfills and deforestation


Superpower: Absorbs harmful ultraviolet-B radiation from the sun
Mission: To keep our air clean and protect the ozone layer

Our Mission

To protect our planet and its creatures while saving our resources.

We need your help!
Are you ready to join us on our quest by becoming a Sustainability Superhero?
By becoming a member of Earth Squad, you pledge to protect the environment,
never litter and always recycle
Ask an adult to help you download and sign your pledge


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