SUCCESS STORY: This waste collector is now an MA graduate

Challenging times require us all to dig deep, think creatively and work together to solve the issues at hand. In this newsletter, we are so proud to highlight the innovative ways in which some of our PETCO members, partners and friends are tackling the problems around waste and plastic pollution. Whether it is redesigning product […]

How much packaging form members we helped collect last year

As you’ll have seen in your inbox, PETCO (and this newsletter) has a brand-new look that reflects the work that we do and our expanded role in the collection and recycling of more than just PET! We now look after PET bottles’ associated labels and closures as well as liquid board packaging (cartons). What hasn’t […]

We need your help

We wanted to let you know that on top of keeping your PET bottles and their caps and labels out of the trash and separated for collection, we encourage you to also collect liquid board cartons. Like PET bottles, liquid board cartons are used for a wide variety of products – you probably have some […]

We’re revealing our award winners!

We’re honoured to reveal to you the recipients of the annual PETCO Awards — our list of change-makers in communities around the country. These recipients work tirelessly — often with little recognition — to uplift their communities by ridding the environment of waste which can be collected and recycled, creating much- needed income opportunities in […]

Scaling up: Giving SMMEs the tools to succeed

Coming on board with Liquid Board Cartons You know that PETCO has helped to facilitate the successful collection and recycling of PET bottles in South Africa since 2004. Now we are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed our first Liquid Board Packaging (LBP) member and will be administering an Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for […]

We thought you’d like to hear this news

As a recipient of our newsletters, you’re probably aware that being sustainable starts by separating your used packaging from waste when you are finished with it instead of throwing it in the trash. So, we wanted to let you know that on top of keeping your PET bottles and their caps and labels out of […]

Returnable Coke bottles now available in 7 provinces

At PETCO, we are at our best and most effective when we are working with others to achieve our goals. It is only with the support of both the public and private sectors, and the hard work of ordinary South Africans, that our country’s vision for a truly circular economy will become a reality. In […]

Breaking the fast-fashion chain

Welcome to Insider Sustainability! To kick off Earth Month, Insider this week launched its most ambitious climate project to date. It’s called One Planet, which we like to think of as the optimist’s destination for climate action. As part of this initiative, I spent weeks reporting on America’s love of fast food — especially burgers […]

Follow: A day in the life of a waste collector

Last month, we marked World Wetlands Month, a natural extension of World Wetlands Day, which is celebrated on 2 February every year. The purpose behind this annual calendar event is to highlight the importance of conserving our wetlands. A wetland is a distinct ecosystem comprising an area that is flooded or saturated with water, either […]

The latest recycling-friendly sleeves hit the beverage market

A new year is always a good time to take stock of our lives and re-evaluate how we move through this world, especially how we consume and dispose of the things we use every day. This year, make it your goal to tread lightly and reduce, repurpose, reuse and recycle wherever possible. We know that […]