​Plastics|SA represents all sectors of the South African Plastics Industry including polymer producers and importers, converters, machine suppliers, fabricators and recyclers.

​Together with our associations, we play an active role in the growth and development of the SA industry and strive to address plastics related issues, influence role-players and make plastics the material of choice.

PETCO is the trading name of the PET recycling Company NPC, a registered Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) that was originally incorporated in 2004 as a voluntary Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) organisation to represent the South African plastic industry’s effort to self-regulate post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling.

Polyco PRO NPC is a non-profit company focused on making waste a valuable resource that works for our economy. We aim to grow the collection and recycling of plastic packaging in South Africa, to promote the responsible use and re-use of this plastic packaging and to end plastic waste in the environment.


Sustainability Events & Conferences

Safripol hosts annual events and conferences, which has become a much anticipated entry in their calendar. Check out the videos from their latest conferences here.
Safripol Sustainability Conference 2022
Safripol Sustainability Conference 2021
Safripol Sustainability Conference 2020