About Us

letsplasticresponsibly.com is a community driven platform that unites environmental and plastic organisations, corporate companies, communities, schools, and individuals in a collaborative effort to tackle the global plastic waste crisis as a unified and unstoppable team.

It serves as a hub for sharing, learning, planning, and taking action, with the primary goal of educating South Africans on the principles of responsible plastic management. By promoting the values of REDUCE, RE-PURPOSE, RE-USERE-THINK and RECYCLE, the platform aims to inspire behavioural change among all stakeholders, including future generations, towards creating a sustainable future for everyone.

At the heart of this cultural movement is a focus on education, advocating and implementing initiatives to raise awareness and promote responsible plastic use and disposal at various levels, from schools to consumers, industry, researchers, and government bodies.

Through concerted efforts to change behaviour and the commitment of industries and institutions, along with product innovation and related advancements, a true circular economy for plastic can be achieved. This vision envisions a world where discarded plastic is simply re-purposed to create new products, reducing the need for virgin plastic production and consequently lowering carbon emissions, thus positively impacting climate change.

The ultimate objective of letsplasticresponsibly.com is to foster a sustainable future where the benefits of plastic to the environment are maximised, and its adverse effects are mitigated. Join us on this transformative journey and be part of the change by clicking to make a difference in the world.