What is the Zero Waste Toolkit?

The Zero Waste School project is a replicable, scalable waste-reduction programme that provides schools with the infrastructure, training, and classroom education to recycle more effectively, compost food waste and reduce waste sent to landfills. It sets up the appropriate waste management systems at a school and educates staff and learners on why and how to use the systems, but further, how to be more responsible about their waste practices in life and at home.

What makes Plant the Seed and the Zero Waste Toolkit unique?

We have developed whole school interventions and provide curriculum, training, and infrastructure for schools to act on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Curriculum: For our Zero Waste Toolkit, we have a first-of-a-kind circular economy curriculum that has recently been translated into SA English.

Training: We are multidimensional – Plant the Seed trains all key stakeholders in school from management to ground staff.

Infrastructure: Plant the Seed have built key relationships with bin manufacturers and recyclers in South Africa.

For more information download the Zero Waste Toolkit Waste Curriculum Overview – Brought to you by Polyco.

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