How much packaging form members we helped collect last year

As you’ll have seen in your inbox, PETCO (and this newsletter) has a brand-new look that reflects the work that we do and our expanded role in the collection and recycling of more than just PET! We now look after PET bottles’ associated labels and closures as well as liquid board packaging (cartons).

What hasn’t changed is our presence and experience as a leading producer responsibility organisation for the past 18 years. As always, we will continue to work hard to promote and build South Africa’s circular economy.

PETCO is proud to have helped our members achieve their annual collection and recycling targets. In 2022, PETCO members placed 121 369 tonnes of packaging on the South African market, comprising mainly PET beverage bottles, home and personal care bottles, edible oil bottles, food bottles and jars, plus their associated labels and closures, as well as minor volumes of PET strapping, shrink sleeves and thermoforms.

Of this volume, 69%, or 83 967 tonnes of post-consumer packaging, was collected for recycling, with a total recycling rate of 66% achieved.

See what we’ve been up to lately in the stories below!

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