PETCO & Plastics SA Newsletter – 09 November 2022


Tygerberg – News @ 18:00- 3-11-22 18:03 – SA PET Recycling Company


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Tribune ePaper – Highveld -8-11-22-PG-8- Linah Ndala The Go-Green hero of local recycling.
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Local Government Suppliers Directory – 1-10-22-PG-7- PETCO PARTNERS WITH MUNICIPALITIES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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ONLINE Publications

Good Things Guy – 1 Nov 2022

Rewarding the children, men and women working towards bettering South Africa’s environment is a big part of the PETCO awards; nominations have opened for the 2023 awards.

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Good Things Guy – 3 Nov 2022

“It’s fascinating that we are still discovering new species in 2022, but an incredible feat for South Africans… and South Africa.”

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Retail Brief Africa – 7 Nov 2022

Solutions to tackle waste empower people and drive socio-economic development is SA – PETCO

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Green Economy Media – 7 Nov 2022

Solutions to tackle waste empower and drive socio-economic development in South Africa.

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Business Link – 9 Nov 2022

Here’s how KZN communities have benefitted from a recent R5m Coca-Cola Foundation flood relief campaign.

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