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Last month, we marked World Wetlands Month, a natural extension of World Wetlands Day, which is celebrated on 2 February every year.

The purpose behind this annual calendar event is to highlight the importance of conserving our wetlands. A wetland is a distinct ecosystem comprising an area that is flooded or saturated with water, either seasonally or permanently.

Wetlands play a critical role in reducing flood risks by holding back water, while also filtering pollutants out of waterways, recharging groundwater supplies, combatting soil erosion, and supporting local economic activity through fishing and more. As an ecosystem, wetlands protect our ecological biodiversity.

In this newsletter, we celebrate our partners and members who wade in to protect and clean up our wetlands, and those who collect and recycle valuable recyclables before they get the chance to enter our environment, where they don’t belong.

We salute you!
The PETCO Team


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