Breaking the fast-fashion chain

Welcome to Insider Sustainability! To kick off Earth Month, Insider this week launched its most ambitious climate project to date. It’s called One Planet, which we like to think of as the optimist’s destination for climate action. As part of this initiative, I spent weeks reporting on America’s love of fast food — especially burgers and burritos — and the role big chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell could play in shifting us to more sustainable diets.

I also want to invite you all to a virtual event, “For a Better Future: Bridging Culture, Business, and Climate,” on Tuesday, April 18, at noon ET. You’ll learn about climate action in the worlds of fashion, business, sports, and in our culture at large. It’s free! Sign up here.

The world of fashion is where we dive in today. Specifically, the burgeoning secondhand market.

— Catherine Boudreau


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