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As a recipient of our newsletters, you’re probably aware that being sustainable starts by separating your used packaging from waste when you are finished with it instead of throwing it in the trash.

So, we wanted to let you know that on top of keeping your PET bottles and their caps and labels out of the trash and separated for collection, we encourage you to also include liquid board cartons in the mix.

Like PET bottles, liquid board cartons are used for a wide variety of products – you probably have some in your fridge right now! These cartons are multi-layered, plastic-lined cartons that are used to package milk, fruit juice and custard – and the good news is that they’re entirely recyclable.

When you collect and recycle your used liquid board cartons along with your other recyclables, you do the world a service. You keep valuable materials out of landfills – and you assist South Africa’s 90,000-plus waste collectors to feed their families. You also assist in supporting the formal recycling sector that makes recycling possible – the buy-back centres and recyclers who buy, sort and convert the recyclable materials we toss out.

So – next time your family pours the last cup of juice from that carton, where will you put it? Not in the trash with the potato peelings! It’s easy to rinse and separate along with your other recyclables, and by doing so, you feed into a thriving infrastructure that does good.

Let’s keep liquid board cartons out of landfills and feed it into the circular economy!

Yours in helping make our country cleaner, greener and more sustainable,

The PETCO team.


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